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The Hubbell Group is an independent, full-service communications firm specializing in strategic media relations, influencer communication, content creation, executive visibility and crisis communications.

We work with extraordinary, world-class brands – leaders in their respective industry or niche – ranging from large multinational Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized firms to innovative start-ups.


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Advised 401(k) Investors Do Better, Natixis Survey Shows

Washington Post LogoParticipants in 401(k) retirement plans who get financial advice save more money, giving them a better chance of meeting their needs in old age, according to a survey by Natixis Global Asset Management.

Covered by
The Washington Post, the study found that investors put aside 8.6% of their pay, on average. Workers who have advisors also have a better idea of how much money they should have in their plans when they finish their careers, the Post said.